With current ideas and tips for building a gazebo and barbecue area of ​​about 25 sq.m. we will try to give some practical guidelines for the implementation of such a project. In fact, the construction of such an outdoor meeting and dining area, although it seems extremely easy to implement, like any construction, has its own specifics and details. This is also the reason why such sheds require a certain set of construction documentation.

Beyond the purely technical and constructive details that require a qualified expert solution, there are a number of other details that are desirable to be considered at an early stage. First of all, this is the placement. When we intend to build a gazebo in the yard, we do it with the thought of enjoying a variety of emotional and culinary moments outdoors. Therefore, it is precisely the position of the construction site that is crucial. The direction of air currents is paramount. Although in the classic case the northern side is the windiest, this is not always the case. The specificity of the terrain makes each terrain different, so observations of the wind direction for a particular place and in specific months are needed. Few people will use the gazebo on cold days, and it is then possible that the direction of most winds will be one, and in the warm others. Positioning this outdoor garden area in such a way that its wall-protected sides will deter stronger currents will bring more coziness, comfort and reduce the risk of unexpected colds.

Determine the size of the cooking area and the area for consumption and entertainment. Assuming that the basic material for the construction of the gazebo is wood, then for barbecue area this will be stone or brick. The larger the hearth, the more significant it will be the stone part. Of course, it is possible not to build one but to rely on portable coal, electricity or gas. Consider the type, size, location, options for reconfiguring the table, and the locations around it. It is impossible to gather eight people in six chairs, while this is achievable in two benches with a total length equal to the sum of the six chairs.

Being close to home and especially to the kitchen, if you do not plan to build plumbing connections is very important. However, it is not convenient to go around the whole house to wash or pick up a spice or product. The same applies to electricity and lighting respectively. In a few words - the more details you can think of before the start, the more successful the finale will be.

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